Sales Process & Education

  • We help sales people bring in more new business sales by identifying and helping sales people overcome any Sales Call Reluctance® that may be inhibiting their prospecting efforts.
  • We help sales people obtain more, higher level appointments within new contacts.
  • We help sales people differentiate themselves from their competition more effectively.
  • We also design, build and execute custom sales training programs to meet your specific strategic selling needs.

Prospecting To The Top™

A One-Day Workshop that provides Sales Professionals with a Prospecting Process and Tools to differentiate themselves from typical sales people.

They will book more sales appointments at the right level, with the right message.

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The Sales Preference Questionnaire is the assessment that many top companies use in the selection process for recruiting new Sales Professionals.

It is also utilized to assess prospecting behavior styles of existing Sales People for the purpose of development during the Fear-Free Prospecting Workshop™

Assess key prospecting behavior styles... Hire and develop more successful Sales Professionals.

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Fear-Free Prospecting™

This Workshop is used by sales-driven organizations worldwide to help new hires and veteran salespeople overcome career-limiting emotions due to Sales Call Reluctance®.

It combines accurate diagnosis of prospecting behavior styles through the SPQ*GOLD® and field-tested corrective techniques... The result?
Increased prospecting and new sales activity.

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The Wedge™

A Two-Day Workshop that is based on a three-party model of the sales game, recognizing the impact of the incumbent on the sales process.

Our experience has taught us that most prospects see businesses in a particular industry as pretty much the same – whether they are or not.

Sales People learn how to level the playing field with the incumbent and win more business by capitalizing on key differentiators.

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Team Building

You want to learn to work better as a team. But "ropes courses" are a bit too cliché, not everybody plays golf, and reconvening after your all-day meeting to drink at the hotel bar isn't doing anything for your team's collaboration and decision making skills.

Why not try something different--like using one of our a culinary challenge events to help you build a better team? Your team will have fun, be guided by real chefs in an operating commercial kitchen and learn useful new cooking techniques, like poaching, piping, blackening or butter-flying.