How Do We Do This?

CAPTURE - We capture client testimonials anywhere you select, but the best and most economic way is at events where many of your clients gather such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Industry Conferences
  • Executive Briefings
  • Client Councils

EDITING AND HOSTING - Once filmed, testimonials are edited and uploaded our hosted site or we can send the files to you. In either case, access can be through your intranet.

TRANSCRIPTION AND KEYWORD SETUP - We transcribe each testimonial and set up keyword and category search parameters to enable easy access by your sales force.

CONTINUOUS EXPANSION - Your site will continue to be edited and enhanced as clients come and go, or as they change companies or positions. We will work with you as much as you need us.

"The reason testimonials work so well is they allow your current customers and clients to do your selling for you... to do your legwork... as often as you wish."
- Daryn Ross, Testimonial Marketing

"Effective testimonials add an objective credibility and trust to your promises. They work because customer comments are more credible than your words. When you make a statement about your business, your words are viewed as claims. But when your client says them, their words are viewed as truth."
- Joe McAleer, Business Coach